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Moving From Impossible to Possible

Updated: May 3, 2021

I came across this powerful true story and wanted to share it with you...

George Dantzig was a grad student in mathematics. He had been up late the night before studying for an upcoming test and had overslept.

As a result, he was several minutes late to class. He sat down and began solving three equations that were written on the blackboard. He got through the first two equations fairly easily. The third one, however was more difficult and in fact it seemed impossible.

He kept working and working and working on the problem. He couldn't get it solved and by the end of the time that was allowed some of the students asked for additional time to work.

The professor said they could take the equations home and bring it back by Friday. So George too asked for more time and the professor said to bring it back on Friday.

He went home and sat up night after night. This was Monday. All day Tuesday. Tuesday night. Wednesday and Wednesday night.

He just kept thinking somebody is going to get these solved. Why not me? Why not me? Finally by Friday morning he solved the third problem.

He took the equations back and got them turned in by eleven that morning, which was the deadline. He went home wondering what would happen. Sunday morning at eight am there was a knock at his door.

He jumps out of bed. It's his professor. His professor says 'George, you've made mathematical history! I was thinking on the way over here, you were late to the test right?'

George said 'Well yeah, did I do something wrong?'

‘No’, the professor said, ‘it's just that the first two questions were the test. I told everybody who was gathered. I've had such a great time teaching all of you. If you want to have fun for the rest of your life, this last question is unsolved. How did you do this George?'

George recounted that if he had heard ahead of time that no one has been able to solve the problem, his way of defining his relationship to that problem would have been so different that he would not have made himself available to access the solution that was within him.

That same access is within every one of us.

Now I don't know what it is that you are facing. But I know this about you - that what is within in you is more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition outside of you. And that you have the capacity to be everything you want to be, to give everything you want to build your dream life.

Know that there is always a solution available for any problem you may be facing.

Your job is to stay open to that possibility...

Believing In You!


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